POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) — Whole trees, limbs and leaves covered dozens of yards in Broad Acres after thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday. For many, it’s been a waiting game for the power to be restored.

Powerful winds snapped a tree in half in Sam Pair’s backyard.

“We’ve got two big pine trees and now we’re down to one. It was kind of scary when it came down,” he said.

The tree narrowly missed Pair’s home but destroyed his fence when it fell. He and his wife were watching the storm inside.

“I grew up along the Gulf coast and been through some hurricanes,” Pair said. “And it was up there with some of the hurricane-force winds I’ve seen in my life.”

Pair stayed in a hotel with his family Tuesday night due to the lack of power but electricity at his house was on and off Wednesday.

“Next string of storms came through, it got knocked out again so we’re waiting on it to come back on,” Pair said.

His neighbors across the street are also dealing with their fair share of storm damage and they haven’t had power for about a day.

“[KUB] came earlier, and they made around,” Joey Stottler said. “They told us we had a live wire down in our backyard and not to go back there which we didn’t last night. We’d already been out there so we luckily didn’t get injured or anything.”

According to Stottler, his three kids are taking it in stride while his family’s power is out and he’ll be working on getting things cleaned up.

“It’s a huge neighborhood. The power lines run in everybody’s back yard so I know it’s hard for them to get some of this stuff, so we’ll just be at their mercy,” he said.

Marco’s Pizza was out delivering dinner in Broad Acres for free to families who still didn’t have power Wednesday. Stottler called that a blessing.