‘I’ve asked God to forgive that guy for doing this to my brother’: Knoxville family remembers victim in shooting


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)– Bobby Davis was a father of two teenage girls, a sister, brother, son, cousin, uncle, nephew and friend when he died.

According to Knoxville police, Davis was shot on July 4th and later died July 8.

He was reportedly shooting fireworks with Brandon Jamal McCaleb, 28, on Seminole Avenue when they got into an alleged argument. KPD said McCaleb retrieved a gun and shot Davis and fled the scene.

Davis, 35, was from Athens, Georgia, but according to his sister Tamerion Wilson, he often visited Knoxville to see family.

Wilson said she wanted to speak out about her brother because she didn’t want people to think the worst of him simply because of how he died.

“Bobby is very silly. Loved to have fun. He’s very loud and loved to laugh,” Wilson said.

She said that’s how his friends would describe him. Wilson said Davis was a hard-working Christian who loved his family, especially his two teenage daughters.

Bobby Davis with his two daughters and nephew. Photo courtesy of Tamerion Wilson.

“Wherever you saw Bobby at, you saw his girls. No matter what. Even if it was like school plays to graduations to being at church when they danced, parades. I mean, he made sure that his girls had whatever they needed,” Wilson said.

Wilson said Davis worked for Caterpillar Inc. She said he started off working on the machines but moved his way up to a welding position. She said he had been working different jobs since he was 14 years old.

She said he was a mamma’s boy, and that his dad was his best friend before he passed a few years ago.

Wilson said Davis was very close with her as well.

“Bobby always made sure that he protected me. Even though I was older than him, he made sure that he protected me…We did things together, we took them (kids) on trips together, we went out and ate together, we made sure our mom was taken care of. We do a lot together,” Wilson said.

Bobby Davis with his mother and sister Tamerion Wilson. Photo courtesy of Tamerion Wilson.

She said he would do anything for his family or friends.

Wilson remembered when one of their aunts was sick, family members took turns going to her house and taking care of her.

She said Davis would leave work at 4 a.m., drive to his aunt’s house, and watch her while his mom went to work. He wouldn’t leave until she came back, and then he would head straight to work afterward.

Wilson said her younger brother loved to shop and play baseball. He also helped out in his community.

“From time to time he would help, you know, some of the kids, like just from the recreation center play baseball and practice and stuff,” Wilson said.

She said she had no idea how many lives he touched until he was gone. Wilson knew he had a lot of childhood friends but had no idea he made a lot more friends throughout his life.

Her interview with 6 On Your Side Reporter Kirstie Crawford was actually briefly interrupted because another flower delivery came for the family in honor of Davis.

Wilson said the love and support had been non-stop like that from everyone in Davis’ life since he passed.

She said that no one can believe he died, or how he died.

She said her brother wasn’t a violent person and always put others before himself.

Despite what happened, Wilson said she forgave the alleged shooter.

“I know that we serve and awesome God and a mighty God, so I’ve asked God to forgive that guy for doing this to my brother. It was not called for. It was not called for, but I have released it and asked God to forgive him,” Wilson said.

Davis was going to turn 37 on July 15th.

Due to COVID-19, the funeral service will be graveside July 18 at 12 p.m. at the East Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Athens, Georgia.


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