ROGERSVILLE (WATE) – It’s an unsolved murder that has gripped East Tennessee for more than half a decade and today it took center stage on a daytime talk show.Previous story: Gatlinburg businesswoman’s death still a mystery 

Shannon Hercutt was found dead in Sevier County back in 2009.

Investigators first believed she died in a car crash. Later they revealed evidence showing she was killed prior to the wreck.

On Monday, in an episode of “Dr. Phil,” Shannon’s sister accused their father of hiring a hit-man to murder her.

WATE 6 On Your Side went to Rogersville to talk with Ted Hercutt’s soon to be ex-wife about those accusations.

“I believe he did have something to do with killing Shannon because she and were in an argument over some land and it was a lawsuit and the land was worth over a million dollars and with Shannon gone its a win win situation, he wins,” said Jan Hercutt.

She met Ted in February of last year. Hercutt says he was a nice gu,y but after they got married in June, his demeanor changed and he became possessive.

“He has told me that he has done so many things in his life that he should be in prison for,” said Jan. “He took me and showed me where the people that were involved in killing Shannon parked and to me after thinking about all of this, how would anybody know all of this unless they were part of the plot to do this.”

Jan told WATE 6 On Your Side at that point she was scared for her life and knew she had to ask Ted to leave.

“He told me that if I told anybody that story he would kill me, he told me that I would disappear like he’s done it before,” she said.

Monday was the first time Jan watched the episode of “Dr. Phil where Shannon’s sister Penny accused their father of hiring a hit-man to murder Shannon. She says being on the show is helping ease her fears about her own safety.

“I felt like we were finally able to breathe,” said Jan. “I have felt like this is been a breath of fresh air finally feel like I’m going to be able to get on with my life now.”

Penny Hercutt, Shannon’s sister will be talking to us tomorrow morning about those accusations she lobbed at her father on doctor Phil. We’ll have her response for you. Also we reached out to Ted Hercutt, he wasn’t available to speak with us tonight.