KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Knoxville non-profit KARM (Knoxville Area Rescue Ministry) is looking to add a new program in the New Market community.

The organization is looking to potentially purchase the River Glen Equestrian Park. This land would house a new rehab program specifically for men which is causing concern for some residents. They say they aren’t sure how the program could affect their community.

“We can go to anybody’s house and borrow anything,” David Seals said. “If I need a sandwich I can go up there and go to their refrigerator. And it’s like a few weeks ago there was a fire at one or two in the morning and we all went down there to see if they needed anything and we look out for one another. If they bring in something like that we won’t know what’s going on.”

Unrest was one of the words used to describe how these residents would feel if a rehab facility was brought to New Market. Several described the community as an older one, which is an even bigger reason they do not want a rehab facility near their homes.

“This is a senior community,” Gaile Avent said. “There are generations of people living on this land and every addict knows that seniors have the most medication of anybody. Breaking into homes, into vulnerable fragile seniors can happen to any home at any minute at any time.”

A community event was held on April 18 to discuss this proposal with KARM there. The proposed program is a 12-18 month work, learn, serve program specifically for men. This program is very similar to the already existing Serenity program. Everyone entering the facility would be vetted by multiple rigorous interviews to ensure that they are right for the program.

According to KARM, there will be trained and experienced staff on site 24/7, each applicant will go through a background screening and no sex offenders will be accepted into the program

The purchase of River Glen is not set in stone, however, New Market residents wanted to make sure their voices were heard. A meeting was scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Tuesday night but was cancelled at the request of the Jefferson County Attorney.