DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (WATE) — Dandridge is getting a new postmaster.

Jeffery “Jeff” Gambrell was chosen as Postmaster of Dandridge, TN on April 23, 2022. In this role, Gambrell will oversee the delivery and retail operations of the Dandridge Post Office. This post office serves a population of more than 16,000 people. Postal operations include a total of 13 rural routes with 8600 deliveries and 1800 Post Office Boxes. The Dandridge Post Office team is made up of 26 people.

“Being Postmaster to me means being a mastery of my past duties and learning for the future,” said Gambrell. “It means being helpful to my employees and the community to which I service and those around me.”

Gambrell began his postal career in 2004 as a Rural Carrier Associate at Middlesboro, KY. He, then, worked as a Postal Support Employee in Blaine and City Carrier Assistant in Newport. In 2016, he joined the management ranks in Knoxville as Supervisor, Customer Services. The postal service added he has served as Officer In Charge in several post offices before becoming the Dandridge Postmaster.

“I get asked at Church what to do for all kinds of things with the Post Office,” said Gambrell. “Postmasters are a beacon for those that have no light into the matter at hand. I want to continue to build trust between the Postal Service and our community.”

Gambrell will take the oath of office on October 18 at the Dandridge Post Office.