KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A.J. Cucksey and Josh Dobbs shared a special moment at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Friday, the two handed out ice cream to staff, visitors and patients, along with the owner of Cruisin’ Cone, a retro ice cream truck.

A.J. was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors in October 2014. He received a year of chemo treatment at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. His mother, Shannon Cucksey said A.J. is stable, but they still have scans and periodic check-ups to see how he’s doing at the hospital.

“When AJ was first diagnosed and was in a wheelchair he was invited to see a UT football practice. So he went and got to meet Josh and it was a great experience, but then they really had a friendship that blossomed from there,” said Shannon Cucksey.Previous story: Tennessee Volunteers root for Knoxville boy diagnosed with inoperable tumors

This year A.J. was named Tennessee Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion. A.J. and his family will serve as advocates for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Shannon Cucksey said their family has been able to do a lot of cool things, but giving back to the hospital that helped her little boy has meant the most to her family.

Shannon Cucksey said Dobbs and A.J. have formed a friendship and generally just love and support each other. Josh has to come to their home and the Cucksey family has also met his parents.

“We were excited because Josh pursuing his career in the NFL, we obviously haven’t seen as much of him and we know he’s not going to be in Knoxville, so when we heard he was going to be coming today to see A.J. it was a secret that I had a hard time keeping in because I know A.J. was excited,” said Shannon Cucksey smiling. “When Josh did come he snuck in the ice cream truck and I couldn’t see AJ, but I did hear him scream ‘Josh Dobbs!’ whenever he walked in.”Previous story:Knoxville boy with cancer cheers on Vols during Battle at Bristol weekend

To follow A.J.’s journey, visit “Prayers for AJ” on Facebook and Twitter.