FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) — Time’s up to make the final push before election day. Both Gov. Andy Beshear and his challenger, Attorney General Daniel Cameron have spent the past week crisscrossing the state to get out the vote. The latest FOX 56 News/Emerson College poll show Beshear and Cameron in a dead heat tie. Cameron told reporters Monday he believes momentum and energy from his supporters are high following a 6-day bus tour.

“Those are the sort of those heartwarming moments that you experience on the trail and are grateful for. And I’ve had those all across this commonwealth. And, you know, I hope I’m hopeful that that is an indication of what is to come tomorrow night,” Cameron said after reminiscing on a greeting a voter gave him that morning.

Although the biggest name endorsing Cameron is not making an appearance in the state, Cameron is being joined by former President Donald Trump for a telephone rally Monday night

“We need leadership that in this state that’s going to fight and stand up against Joe Biden. President Trump is just going to reaffirm that message tonight,” Cameron said.

“With one day left, everything you do may be the difference. We won our race by one and a half votes per precinct last time around,” Beshear said in a stump speech in Morehead.


Beshear concluded his statewide bus tour Monday alongside fellow Democratic candidates and also met an energetic crowd.

“Yes, while I run as a proud Democrat. The moment I won that last election, I took that hat off and I served every single Kentucky family in every single county,” Beshear told supporters.

Both candidates will be holding victory parties just blocks away from each other in Louisville on Tuesday night, but only one will be delivering a victory speech.