FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. (WKRN) – The search is continuing for a missing Fort Campbell soldier.

Shadow McClaine’s family says she went missing on Sept. 2. Authorities were notified four days later when she did not show up for duty.

On Wednesday, crews gathered to search for the 25-year-old woman.

“We want to find Shadow,” said Shawn Calvo, who works for Veteran Search and Recovery Program (VetSAR). We have certain areas we are out searching and we are out here trying to help the family locate Shadow.”

WKRN spoke with Shadow’s mother, London Wegrzyn, who says her daughter wouldn’t “just go away.”

“We talk every day,” she said. “This is definitely something that is not her character at all.”

Wegrzyn said she last spoke to Shadow on September 2.

“She texted that she was driving and I asked her how she was doing and I told her to stop texting and driving. She texted back ‘haha,’ and that was the last I heard from her,” she said.Related:Missing Fort Campbell soldier’s car found in Nashville parking lot

On Tuesday, the soldier’s car was found in a Nashville parking lot, through there was no sign of Shadow. Her mother said she believes there is foul involved.

“Back in May her brake lines were cut,” Wegrzyn said. “We still don’t know who did that. That was an assault on her life and now she is missing. It is just too coincidental.”

Shadow’s mother said she is grateful for the help in the search for her daughter and is hopeful something will lead them to her.

“I love you, Shadow. I’m not every going to give up on you,” she said. “I will find you one way or another. I’m not leaving here without you.”

Multiple agencies are involved in the search. Anyone with information on Shadow’s whereabouts is urged to call the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) at270-798-9406 or Fort Campbell Military Police at 270-798-0416.

Tips can also be called into the Army CID Headquarters in Virginia at 1-844-844-276-9243 or emailed to