KENTUCKY (WATE) — In the month leading up to the registration deadline for the Nov. 8 general election, Kentucky saw a surge of people registering to vote.

From September 1 to October 11, Kentucky saw 22,613 new registrations. During the same period, 6,146 voters were removed from the rolls. According to the Secretary of State, 4,833 were dead voters, 745 were convicted of felonies, 464 moved out of Kentucky, 66 voluntarily de-registered, 36 were adjudged incompetent, and 2 had duplicate registrations. With the addition of the new voters and those removed from the rolls, there was a net gain of 16,467 voters in the state.

“These are the strongest voter registration numbers since Fall 2020, when a record 2 million Kentuckians voted,” said Adams. “With congressional, state legislative, judicial and local races on the ballot, plus two constitutional amendments, I hope this augurs strong participation in November.”

The Secretary of State also shared a breakdown of those who registered in the Republican and Democratic parties.

Republican registrants make up 45.4% (1,629,364 voters) of the electorate while Democratic registrants account make up 44.8% (1,607,218 voters) of the electorate. From Sept 1 to Oct 11, 10,920 voters registered as Republicans making a 0.67% increase. Democratic registration increased by 1,474 voters, a .09 percent increase.

Voters registered as Independent or with other affiliations makeup 9.8% of the electorate, with 353,645 voters. Other registration saw a 1.1% increase with 3,973 new voters.