‘Don’t ignore minor symptoms’ Teacher serving on Knox Co. Board of Health has COVID-19


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knox County Board of Health member is spending another night in quarantine.

The health board’s Citizen Representative, Ani Roma, says she is battling COVID-19 and is now on the mend.

“Today is day 17 with symptoms for me. I still experience shortness of breath, congestion, headache, a little bit of chills here and there, and extreme fatigue,” Roma said.

Roma’s husband and two children were diagnosed with the virus, as well.

She says she thinks she was exposed to COVID-19 while at work as a teacher.

“I haven’t been anywhere else. I definitely caught it from school,” she said. “That’s just one of those things that’s likely to happen if people are in a place where there’s a lot of other people.”

She and her family are getting better, overcoming a virus that Roma says, for her, took several days to kick in.

“It was really easy to shrug off, because I had a big week ahead. I was really nervous about some things that I had going on and I thought, ‘I’m just not sleeping well,'” Roma explained. “After that feeling just off, I started to develop headaches, sore throat, congestion. I started to spike a little bit of a fever at night, and that’s when I knew that it was time to go in and get tested.”

That’s something she’s also now encouraging other people to do in a similar situation, and reminding everyone not to ignore or underestimate mild symptoms.

“I would urge folks to go get tested if they’re feeling a little bit off, or at least take a day or two off of work, or stay away from others if anything feels like it might not quite be right, because it very well could be an illness,” Roma said.

The Board of Health is set to meet Wednesday, December 30, via Zoom. Roma tells us she still plans on attending the meeting virtually.

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