KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — One Knox County commissioner wants to bring some new perspective to Knox County’s Board of Health, by electing a citizen representative.

Commissioner Justin Biggs has an appointee in mind. He is proposing Knoxville entrepreneur and restauranteur Randy Burleson for the role.

“I looked at somebody that from a business standpoint could tell us how all of Knox County has been impacted,” Biggs said.

That’s why Biggs chose Burleson as his pick. He’s the owner of several local restaurants, including Aubrey’s and Sunspot.

“I’ve had multiple citizens come to me wanting citizen representation on the Board of Health, and I felt like it was imperative that I got somebody that met all of the qualifications that the citizens have come to me and talked about, and that was Mr. Burleson,” Biggs said.

Citizen representation is something Biggs calls important and necessary. It’s specially timely, he says, considering a set of items on the table at Wednesday’s Board of Health meeting about curfews and alcohol restrictions.

“In my opinion, now more than ever, we need citizen representation on there so the voices of the Knox County citizens can be heard,” said Biggs.

We reached out to Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs’ office for his take. He wrote to us in a statement: “I am very supportive of having a citizen on the Board of Health because that person will bring a different and much needed perspective to our discussions. I am also supportive of that person being Randy Burleson. Randy is a successful businessman who employs a lot of people. And as a restaurant owner, he understands the impact that COVID-19 has on both his business and his people.”

County commission still has to vote on whether to appoint Burleson. That will happen at their September 28th meeting.

Knox County’s Board of Health is set to meet virtually Wednesday, September 16 at 5 p.m.