KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Three people were charged after a road rage incident on Strawberry Plains Pike, according to Knoxville Police Department.

Officers said they are investigating what was an apparent road rage incident that led to shots being fired on Strawberry Plains Pike near Cracker Barrel Lane Wednesday evening.

KPD identified those charged as Todd Frazier, 57, Stanley Williams, 31, and Brailon Rena, 26. Williams and Rena were charged with assault, while Frazier was charged with reckless endangerment and aggravated assault, per a KPD release.

Witnesses told police that they saw the red Chevy Cruz cut off the silver Kia Soul at the intersection, and Williams and Rena got out of their vehicle and began assaulting Frazier. The incident report also states that witnesses said when Williams and Rena were walking away from the vehicle, they heard several shots come from inside the Kia Soul.

According to an incident report, Williams and Rena told police that they stopped the red Chevy Cruze they were in at the intersection of Cracker Barrel Lane and Strawberry Plains Pike and confronted the driver of the other vehicle, a silver Kia Soul.

After exchanging words with Frazier, the incident report states that Williams and Rena opened Frazier’s drivers side door, attempting to pull him out of the car to preventing him from leaving the scene. Police say that Williams said that he saw that Frazier was reaching for a gun, and that they then retreated and Frazier allegedly began shooting in their direction, emptying his magazine.

Frazier’s account of the situation in the incident report explained the road rage incident from his perspective. He said that Williams allegedly cut him off at the intersection, and that Williams and Rena got out of the car and allegedly punched his windows. He said that they then opened his car door, punched him several times in the face, and tried to drag him from his car.

After this, Fraizer told police that when Williams and Rena began to walk away, he grabbed the gun from his lunch box, which was in his passenger seat. Williams then allegedly turned around began walking back to Fraizer’s car, and Frazier opened fire, emptying his magazine of roughly 16 9MM rounds through the front windshield of his car according to the incident report.

KPD said that no one was struck by the gunfire.