MASCOT, Tenn. (WATE) — One person is dead, and another person is in custody after a shooting that happened here Tuesday night on the 8500 block of Old Rutledge Pike in the Mascot area of Knox County according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.  

“It’s a quiet place. I love the place. My own daughter lives on the next road back,” said Gary Thomas, who has lived in the area since 1982. 

On Tuesday night. he said his daughter called to check on him and tell him what was going on right down the street.  

“My daughter called me about what happened, and I looked out the door and saw the police were up there and they were still up there when I went to bed around ten o’clock,” he explained. 

Thomas said he’d never heard of something like this happening in this area before.  

“I feel safe,” he added. “I keep the doors locked and I got a dog you can hear barking but it’s a quiet neighborhood.” 

Amanda Willis said she was surprised she didn’t hear the shooting that was just yards away.

“We were trick or treating in the subdivision right down the road and I’m really surprised we didn’t hear anything because when we got back home, that’s when we saw a fire truck and I don’t know how many police cars. It was crazy down there,” said Willis.

She said she feels safe in her home and is glad the suspect is in custody.  

“I hope that justice is served.” Willis added, “I don’t know them but it’s awful. It’s not needed. None of that, I mean whatever the reason, you know.” 

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office identified the victim and the suspect on Wednesday.

Andrew Buckner, 33, of Knoxville, was pronounced dead at the scene. Jonathan Rolen, 49, faces charges of voluntary manslaughter, and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.