KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Stand Out For Good, the parent company of Altar’d State, has announced it will be moving its headquarters to the former Warner Brothers Discovery campus. According to a release from the multi-brand fashion organization, this relocation was driven by the company’s growth.

This announcement comes on the heels of news breaking that a realty company that shared an address with Altar’d State purchased part of the Apex Bank Campus, which was previously known as the Warner Brothers Discovery Campus, for $27 million.

According to the release, the headquarters’ relocation is scheduled to be completed in the coming months with the transition of company teams to the new facility happening in late 2023.

Stand Out For Good was founded in Knoxville and says the move will quadruple its current space. The organization includes the brands of Altar’d State, AS Revival, Arula, Tullabee, and Vow’d Weddings and has a presence in 38 states.

“I never expected our brands to outgrow three buildings in 13 years,” said Aaron Walters,
Chairman and CEO of Stand Out for Good. “Our new home reflects our commitment to
providing a creative and productive workplace for our evolving team.”

Stand Out For Good’s new headquarters was chosen to be a convenient location for current employees while creating a competitive draw for fresh talent. On top of that, the location is also situated on a lake and has scenic walking trails and a fitness center, which Stand Out For Good says will promote associate well-being. The company says it is also working to offer a daycare/learning center and a café.

Since the company began, Stand Out For Good has shown its commitment to its local community by partnering with more than 4,000 nonprofits that provide essential resources to children in need. According to the release, Stand Out For Good was founded on the principle of giving back and is excited to continue its charitable impact in Knoxville.

“We are delighted to welcome Stand Out For Good and its family of brands as our new
neighbor,” said Matt Daniels, President & CEO of Apex Bank. “Their commitment to philanthropy
and creating a positive workplace aligns with our values, and we look forward to the
contributions they will make in Knoxville. We extend our warmest welcome and support as they
establish their headquarters here.”

The property where Stand Out For Good’s headquarters are moving was purchased from Apex Bank, which will occupy the adjacent building.