KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A popular antique shop is closing its doors.

The store’s co-owner says she will miss her customers, especially those who return to browse through the shop.

There are several antique shops in Knoxville found either on North Broadway or right off Central Street. Carletta’s & Missy’s is one of them and it is going out of business. The store is filled with collectibles, primitive antiques and thrift store finds.

The business has been around for nearly half a century and the building where you find it is even older.

Moving and packing up is never easy, but that is what Jeannie Sanford and others are doing. They are wrapping up business and preparing for their close-out sale.

“I was born and raised in Happy Holler. This store has been here as long as I can remember, I’m real old,” said Mary Williams, co-owner’s sister.

Owner Tony Rando opened his store nearly 50 years ago. He and his wife, Jeannie Sanford, currently run the store together.

“Unfortunately, my husband is critically ill so we’re going to have to give it up now. We are going to miss it so bad,” said Sanford, co-owner.

“They had a good business for a while until he got sick. And, now, they just couldn’t keep it up,” said Williams.

If you are looking for something unique, you will likely find it here. There is furniture, some old and some not so old. Inside the shop are a lot of treasurers looking to be discovered.

“This is a Norman Rockwell. We have several old Norman Rockwell dishes. These are old Beatrix Potter dishes. There is Blue Willow dishes. There is Royal Dalton. And, there is white, the old-timey what they call ‘milk glass,’ there is a lot of that in here,” said Williams.

“We’ve got anything: clothes, glasses, sewing machines, plates. Records, we’ve got all kinds of records,” said Sanford. “And we’re selling very cheap. Books, any books you see, they are free.”

The names “Carletta” and “Missy” refer to Rando’s children. The business is housed in two buildings on the upper floors of the taller one on the right is a musty, old movie theater, the lens of projectors long gone once peeked through holes beaming their images into the darkened space below.

On the street floor below, old pieces are wrapped up hoping to find a new home.

“We have to be out by March 30,” said Sanford. “It’s real sad. I love my customers. I’m going to miss them more than anything.”

Several returning customers of Carletta’s & Missy’s told WATE they will miss the place. They said you certainly can find bargains at close-out sales, whether you’re looking for old/new furniture or collectibles.

In addition, just browsing through the store, you will likely see something you do not need but will buy anyway.