KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Social media has been “buzzing” with reports of Morgan Wallen performing a free show at Gibbs High School Thursday night.

WATE spoke with the high school’s baseball coach who Wallen played for when he went to Gibbs.

High School Baseball Coach Geff Davis said he has been coaching at the school for the last 27 years. During his time, he coached many athletes, including Wallen.

While the performance means quite a bit to those at the high school, Davis says the performance tells what a big heart Wallen has.

“He could have done this any other place in the country and he chose to come back to where he went to school at and played at. So you know, we’re grateful to host the event and excited to have him come back home and… couldn’t be happier about the situation as it is now,” Davis said. “It’s neat to have him come back… back home where he played at and went to school and that just shows you the kind of heart he has… for him to come back and do this for us and let us host it, we’re super appreciative.”

Wallen has been in the news already for a free concert happening in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena Friday night for the surprise release of his new album.

Davis said the new album is titled “One Thing at a Time.” Thursday night, he took the field at Gibbs High School for the school’s seniors and staff, just before the album is released at midnight.

“A lot of people don’t realize, you know, Morgan was a competitor. He played baseball for me and he was a competitor, but everybody sees him on stage but they don’t realize, you know, he’s got a big heart. Like I said, for him to do this, that’s pretty special.”

Davis said the show was kept a secret, but once word got out, the school and social media were talking about it.

“It got a little crazy. So, you know, kids are excited… as well as being out of school tomorrow. So you can imagine we’re going to. Have double trouble down here, we’re afraid,” he added.