CORRYTON, Tenn. (WATE) — It’s the end of an era in the Gibbs community just outside Knoxville. 

A reception was held to say “thank you” to two brothers — Joe and Dale Longmire — who are retiring and selling the Midway IGA after 35 years of owning and operating the store.

  • Joe and Dale Longmire
  • Joe Longmire
  • Joe and Dale Longmire restocking shelves

Joe and Dale have been business partners for 45 years. 

“We see each other every day, even Sundays, all our lives,” Joe said. 

As the brothers complete, the sale of their Midway IGA store on Tazewell Pike near Emory Road, they anticipate some serious changes in their lives.  

“I know my wife has some plans and I won’t have an excuse not to do what she wants to. In the past, I could use the store as a possible excuse. Now, I won’t have that in the future,” Dale said. 

Until then, it is business as usual for the brothers, including keeping the shelves stocked.

Both Joe and Dale look forward to retirement and getting away from the burdens of running a business. 

“I look forward to not having the stress. I mean there is always something going on. You got employee issues sometimes, equipment going down in the middle of the night [and] trucks late. Not going to miss that at all,” Joe said.

But they say they will miss being here with their employees and customers. 

“Seeing all the people we see every day, the customers, the salesman, the people who have become part of your family,” Joe said.

“We’ve got a couple of three generations of people that have shopped with us over the years. Grandparents and parents and children,” Dale said. “It’s going to be a big change. Take some getting used to. It’s been a hoot.”

The Longmires will be helping out the new owner, Haven Gopal, for a while.  

They said the new owner is keeping all the employees and the store will continue to run as it always has.