KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Zoo Knoxville doctors inserted heart monitor implants into two chimpanzees for the first time on Tuesday.

According to Dr. Andrew Cushing, the team conducted an ultrasound on Jimbo and Binti’s hearts, and then had the monitor device placed inside of them.

The chimps were under sedation during the procedure, according to Zoo Knoxville.

Cushing explains that the devices allow staff to track the electrical activity of the pair’s hearts when they are awake and moving around.

“We can monitor them 24/7, so it’ll talk to our phones or our tables outside of the enclosure when the chimps were asleep or relaxing or whatever they are doing,” Cushing said. “It will give us, hopefully, if they develop problems some early warning sign which we can intervene earlier if needed.”

Cushing believes this monitor will improve the quality of life for both of the chimps.