KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The city of Knoxville is urging Greyhound to find a permanent location that provides “appropriate services”, especially a safe and clean environment.

Currently, Greyhound is using the KAT’s Kirkwood Superstop “as their defacto station”. This is the third location used since the Magnolia Ave. station was sold in April 2022.

In November 2022, the deputy mayor said the company’s decision to use the superstop presents operational challenges for city buses that use the stop and adds expense to public taxpayers. As of June 2023, Greyhound was still using the Kirkwood stop.

On Thursday, the city of Knoxville told WATE that they have been in consistent communication with Greyhound about its use of the superstop and that it cannot be a long-term option. According to the city, Greyhound is working to find a “new, better location.”

“We have emphasized to Greyhound leadership that they should seek a new site that provides customers with appropriate services – in particular a secure and sheltered waiting area and sanitary restroom facilities. Based on our communication with Greyhound, we understand that this search is actively underway – and we see evidence that Greyhound is working in good faith to find a new, better location for their operations,” reads a statement from a city of Knoxville spokesperson.

The city shared that Greyhound plans to make the following changes at their permanent location:

  • Eliminating Transfers and Driver Changes in Knoxville. (According to Greyhound, this means that passengers using the current stop are either starting or ending their journey in Knoxville.)
  • Adding on-site personnel to assist their passengers during peak times.
  • Adding a trash receptacle at the site with daily trash collection.
  • Contracting with a security company to be present at the location from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Previously, the city said that Greyhound rejected an offer that would allow the bus company limited use of the Knoxville Station Transit Center on E. Church Ave. This offer was made after several complaints about a lack of safety at the previous Greyhound stops.

After the site of the station on Magnolia Avenue was sold, the company moved its stop to a gas station on N Cherry Street in April and then moved to the Top Market and Deli on N. Six Avenue as a drop-off and pick-up site before moving again to Kirkwood.