POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) — On Friday, hundreds of law enforcement agencies from several different agencies, as well as people, lined the street during the procession to pay their respects to Deputy Tucker Blakely before his celebration of life.

Thomas Miske was among those lining the streets to pay their respects to Deputy Blakely.

Miske said he was watching the news earlier this week when he saw Deputy Blakely’s face on the television and realized he met him about a month ago at the McDonalds.

“He was behind my car and I bought his breakfast, he pulls behind my vehicle once I parked and he thanked me for buying his breakfast,” Miske said. “He asked me if ‘I were a veteran and I said yes and he said thank you for you service and I said thank you for yours son.”

Even in this brief interaction, Miske knew Deputy Blakey was a genuine person.

“He was a nice, kind, open young man and I’m so sorry about this tragedy and his family,” Miske said.

That sea of blue that filled the streets this morning, made Miske reflect.

“I was honor and not only was I honored each and everyone one of them for participating in being who they are to us, this country, and the public of this country,” Miske said.

Blakely died after he was shot while responding to a domestic call on Sunday. He leaves behind a wife and 5 year old son.

Prior to joining law enforcement, he was in the U.S. Army.