KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Several people spoke about the death of Lisa Edwards during the public forum of the city council meeting on Tuesday night.

Lisa’s brother Brad Cox said he will continue to publicly demonstrate until he sees justice.

“I’ve got the rest of my life, she doesn’t. So, someone has to be there for her, and if I’m the only one who shows up to these meetings or whatever, I don’t care. I’ll be here because my sister would be here for me,” Cox said.

The meeting comes two days after a silent vigil was held outside of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, and one day after the one-month anniversary of Edwards’ death.

Cox said the officers involved failed to protect his sister and hopes that city council members will do what they can to make a change in how these situations are handled.

“I don’t see how anyone could watch the video and stand behind these so-called officers, public servants that should’ve been for her and definitely weren’t for her,” he said.

Knoxville Police Department released body camera footage of the incident leading up to her death.

Mayor Indya Kincannon, and Council Members Seema Singh and Amelia Parker addressed the incident before the meeting started.

“Accountability is critical, and as part of our commitment to accountability, KPD is conducting an internal affairs investigation,” Kincannon said.

Some speakers at the meeting, including Will Bowen, expressed that internal investigations were not enough.

“I wish that we could be reassured that they’re going to be held accountable and I understand that they’re under investigation. I just question whether this investigation is impartial because as an internal affairs investigation, naturally they want to protect cops,” Bowen said.

Those that helped organize the protest in front of the Knoxville City-County building in February also addressed the council, Lisa’s brother the last to speak.

Brad Cox, Lisa Edwards’s brother, addressed the Knoxville City Council.

“Those that were involved in her death, when they stand in front of God almighty and he looks down at them and says is that Lisa Edwards’s blood dripping from your fingers? I’m just curious what they’re going to say,” Cox said.

The officers involved were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by the district attorney’s office. So far, none have spoken publically about the incident.