Farragut, Tenn. (WATE) — Is a new development coming to the town of Farragut? A familiar shopping center was the focus of two meetings to gather public input on Thursday.

Town leaders are looking to develop the area near the intersection of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike, where the old Stein Mart used to be. This is part of the town’s next step in a 10-year comprehensive plan designed to bring in more business to the area.

“We just started the public input process to update this. We’ve had some stakeholder meetings. Obviously today we’re having some great input from our residents,” Town Administrator David Smoak said. “We’ll continue that process for the next several weeks.”

Right now, the idea is to have green space, restaurants, shops, and possible residential space in an established shopping center.

Dot Lamarshe lives in Farragut and is a former vice mayor.

“I love Farragut, care very much about it and I just want to see what the future area will look like,” she said. “So I’m here because I’m concerned and interested and want to make sure everything is done the right way.”

“Everybody’s concerned about the traffic but we’re trying to do some things to, make that better and then I don’t like all the apartments,” Lamershe added. “I think we have too many apartments right now.”

John Steinberger lives just a few miles down the road in the Choto Community and said this will affect his daily commute.

“I’m concerned about a high-density development and the impact that will have on traffic and accidents and causing insurance costs to go up,” he explained.

Steinberger said he’s not completely against the idea of a designated mixed-use town center, he just wants the space to be practical for the community.

“There are good elements,” he adds. “I like having more shops and services.”

To learn more about the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, click here.