KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The film and television industry continues to grow in Tennessee. Staff with the Visit Knoxville Film Office (Film Knox) say more projects set in the city are on the horizon.

So far, at least three films have been shot in Knoxville this year and it was a big night Thursday as the red carpet was rolled out at the Regal Riviera for the premiere of “Nothing Is Impossible.

“It’s like life imitating art,” David A.R. White said. “We had tried to make this movie for about 8, 9 years. It went through all these different script processes along the way and it’s a movie about dreams.”

White served as producer on “Nothing Is Impossible” and stars as a man named “Scott Beck,” who was on the road to redemption by receiving a second chance at life and love through basketball.

“He gets another chance and the question is, is he going to take it? Or is he just going to settle where he is?” White said.

“The best theme of this movie is God’s timing is not always ours,” said Robert Amaya, who plays “Nick Martin” in the film. “And I think what we got to do is make sure we are trusting in him because even though things might turn out the way we want them to, in the end, the best thing is going to happen.”

Dolly Parton’s younger sister, Stella Parton, is also in the movie portraying “Ruby.” She believes working on the production was a wonderful way to show off where her family comes from.

“The production went great. Everyone was great to me. I really could relate to the character, and everyone was just, I thought, fabulous. What better thing to do than a positive film?” she said.

“I love Knoxville,” Amaya said. “I think Knoxville treated us really, really well. People here are extremely nice. It was also a great location to play basketball a little bit.”

Thompson-Boiling Arena is featured in the film which helped with recruiting the production to Knoxville.

“That’s a shoutout to UT but also, the film makes Knoxville look amazing throughout. Every scene is in Knoxville, a lot of downtown scenes, a lot of scenes that people will recognize, and I think it’s going to make Knoxvillians very proud,” Visit Knoxville Film Office Director Curt Willis said.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon proclaimed Sept. 29 as “Nothing is Impossible” Day in honor of the premiere.

“Nothing Is Impossible” will be streaming on Pure Flix on Oct. 6. The streaming service is about $11 a month but it’s free during a seven-day trial.