KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The food service at Knoxville High Senior Living is discontinuing.

A few years ago, the building was redeveloped into senior housing. Thursday, the owner of the property met with tenants to answer questions and try to clear up some concerns.

WATE was not allowed at the meeting, but we had the opportunity to meet with the parties. Jean Munroe is the guardian of her brother who lives at Knoxville High Senior Living.

“The food service used to be wonderful. We came here on New Year’s and they had prime rib,” she said.

After several years of providing meals to his tenants, which was included in an individual’s rent, Knoxville High Senior Living Owner Rick Dover made the decision to close the kitchen due to feasibility.

“You’ve got people that don’t eat the food because they don’t like it and yet they’re paying for it,” Dover said. “Then you got people that do eat the food but don’t like and want it changed. It’s become really an untenable situation for us to deliver a high-quality product affordably priced.”

The meals are a part of the changes coming to Knoxville High Senior Living. Other upcoming changes are requests for cleaning services instead of being included in the rent.

For the tenants, the main topic was the meals.

“They marketed as full amenities to include food,” Dan Smith, who lives at Knoxville High since 2018. “In fact, that’s what our leases said and Mr. Dover just now told us he doesn’t think everybody is satisfied with the food.”

Dover said he’s finding it difficult to find common ground with the food being served at the facility to make everyone happy.

“It’s hard to feed 80 people every day the same thing and come up with something everybody likes,” Dover said. “We’ve tried it. For four or five years we’ve been struggling with this and it’s time to make the change. I want to stress nobody is being told to leave the building and hopefully, everyone will stay and we’ll work out options that will work for everybody.”

However, others felt that removing the food service will have an effect on the seniors living at Knoxville High.

“When you have seniors and disabled people, they rely on the food service, and having take-out is no way going to make up for that,” Munroe said.

With terminating the food service, Dover hopes rents at his building can be adjusted.

“We’re listening to people who say, ‘I would rather have a reduction in my rent and be on my own for food,'” he said.

“It’s too bad that he feels he needs to negotiate with each individual individually,” Linda Crumpley-Patterson said. “I’m frightened that will not give an equitable sum to everyone. “

According to Dover, his apartments do have kitchens and Knoxville High will remain a senior living facility. Dover’s company, Dover Signature Properties, will take over as managers from the current managing group Integral Senior Living on Oct. 1.