KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center said in a statement Friday it is continuing its investigation following the death of Lisa Edwards in Knoxville Police custody.

Edwards was arrested by Knoxville Police Department officers outside of the hospital after she refused to leave on February 5. The District Attorney’s office said that Edwards went to the hospital the day before and was observed overnight after she was discharged from Blount Memorial Hospital.

The Knox County District Attorney’s Office said that no charges were filed against the officers involved on Feb. 21. The police video was released two days later. A police spokesperson said an internal administrative investigation was ongoing and the officers involved were on paid leave.

“The hospital has been in contact with Ms. Edwards’ family and expressed our sorrow soon after their loss. Although we cannot comment on specific details, patients are not discharged from the emergency room unless they are stable. We have just seen the Knoxville Police Department’s body cam footage and are continuing our investigation.”

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center statement

Family members called the treatment of Edwards ‘horrible’ during interviews with WATE on Friday.