KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Several security officers who were working at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Facility when 61-year-old Lisa Edwards was removed from the premises and later died in police custody are no longer employed by Covenant Health, the hospital said in a statement released Tuesday.

A hospital spokesperson in the statement that an internal investigation as well as reviews by state and federal regulatory bodies determined that the medical treatment and the discharge of Edwards was “clinically appropriate.”

The hospital is evaluating the security services contract and several officers involved in the incident are no longer working at any Covenant Health facility, according to the statement.

Fort Sanders full statement

“As a locally owned, not-for-profit hospital, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center values the trust of our community. We have conducted a thorough internal investigation of the care provided to Ms. Lisa Edwards while she was a patient at the hospital. In addition, her clinical care has been reviewed by state and federal regulatory and licensing bodies.

While we cannot disclose specific findings, all investigations and reviews have confirmed that while Ms. Edwards was in our care, medical treatment and hospital discharge were clinically appropriate. These findings affirm our confidence in the dedicated doctors, nurses and staff who provide excellent care to hundreds of Fort Sanders Regional patients every day.

We also conducted an in-depth review of our hospital security procedures and policies.  As a result, we are evaluating our security services contract, and several officers involved are no longer working at any Covenant Health facility. In addition, we are implementing empathy training for security officers serving on behalf of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and Covenant Health.

We remain committed to caring for each and every patient who enters our facilities and have the privilege of working with a dedicated medical team in support of our Knoxville community.”

Valerie Somerville, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center Marketing Manager

Jacob Litigation, who is representing Lisa Edwards’ family, released the statement responding to Fort Sanders on Wednesday. The full statement can be found here.

On Feb. 5, officers responded to Fort Sanders when security officers told them that Edwards had been evaluated, discharged and was refusing to leave the hospital premises.

Officers placed Edwards in the back of a police cruiser and taken to the Roger D. Wilson detention facility when she became unresponsive. She was taken back to Fort Sanders and was placed on Life Support.

Lisa Edwards died at Fort Sanders on Feb. 6, according to the District Attorney’s Office. An investigation into the situation led to releasing a video showing Edwards’ interaction with the officers before becoming unresponsive.

After looking at the video, the DA’s Office said in a press release that Edwards died of natural causes, specifically from an “ischemic stroke due to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.” On Feb. 21, District Attorney Charme Allen announced the officers would not be charged.

Knoxville activists held several protests in front of the Knoxville City-County Building. A silent vigil was held outside of Fort Sanders in honor of Edwards.

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