KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knox Heritage has named seven places in Knoxville in need of ‘preservation strategies.’

The list, released by Knox Heritage Tuesday morning, includes seven significant properties and neighborhoods that are in need of community advocacy and support to initiate change before they are lost forever. The organization said that property owners, community leaders, citizens, and preservation professionals are all integral in overcoming the challenges that the endangered places face.

Knox Heritage’s list of Fragile and Fading places for 2023 includes:

Still Fragile

  • West View Cemetery District – Keith Avenue
  • Giffin School – 1834 Beech Street
  • Fort Sanders Historic District
  • Park City Historic District

Fading Fast

  • Lord Lindsey – 615 W. Hill Avenue
  • Standard Knitting Mill – 1400 Washington Avenue
  • Knoxville College – 901 Knoxville College Drive

Knox Heritage explained the history behind each location as well as the efforts in progress to preserve the areas. Read the full release below.

Every May, Knox Heritage releases it’s annual Fast and Fading list. Notably, The Standard Knitting Mill was added to Knox Heritage’s Fragile 15 list in 2017.