KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knox County Engineering and Public Works Department has added walking connectivity in Gibbs after completing a sidewalk project at Harbison’s Crossing at the intersection of East Emory Road and Tazewell Pike.

According to Jim Snowden, the senior director of Knox County Engineering & Public Works, the new sidewalks and additional push-button technology at all corners of the intersection will allow pedestrians and kids to cross carefully and efficiently while stopping road traffic.

Knox County Commission Chairman Richie Beeler said in a news release that the project is all part of making the area safer for families:“We got street lighting in the school zones back in late 2020 and so just making it safer for families and folks out here in Gibbs, is a top priority.”

“It’s a busy intersection. Probably the busiest in his part of the county and so the need was there, and the response was there,” Beeler said. “One of the things we have heard from people is we would love to see more walking connectivity and a small town feel to the Gibbs area and the Mayor’s Office has been so supportive in getting those kinds of features in to make that happen.”