KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The potholes plaguing the I-640 corridor in Knoxville are frustrating many motorists as they continue to pop up, wreaking havoc on those driving and even causing damage to personal vehicles; leaving some trying to avoid the roadway as much as possible.

“In the long run, I’ve tried to avoid 640 at all costs,” Zach Parker said.

Zach and his family were traveling home from the store when all of a sudden they hit a pothole.

“It was back in November, we went to the grocery store and on our way back we were getting onto 40, we hit a ginormous pothole,” Parker said. “We pulled over at a gas station and learned that the tire had literally exploded and we saw some damage on the rim. Later on, about 5-10 minutes later there were about 5 of us sitting there all with damaged rims and tires.”

Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesperson Mark Nagi saying that this is the time of year that we typically see an increase in potholes on our roads, especially following the arctic blast that just swept through the area.

“This is the part of the year when you see a lot of potholes on our transportation network,” Nagi said. “You get cracks in the roadway, this freezing and thawing cycle, you have a lot of precipitation whether it be rain, sleet, snow, whatever it may be. All the traffic that can get going over and over these areas day after day and unfortunately this is the time where you see a lot of potholes.”

This one particular incident with the Parker family left them paying out pocket for the damages.

“With the rim and tire and everything, it came out to about $800,” Parker said.

Parker also said that them hitting the pothole was especially scary with his kids in the car, not knowing what could have happened.

Nagi said that the best way to insure no damage is done to your vehicle if you encounter a pothole is to slow down or try and avoid it as best as possible.

If you or someone you know encounters a pothole on any of the roads here in East Tennessee, you can make a report on TDOT’s website or call 833-TDOTFIX (833-836-8349).