KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Work has already started to turn the concrete sidewalk and retaining walls between Fort Kid Park and the Knoxville Museum of Art into a colorful, fun and interactive mural, according to a release from the City of Knoxville.

On Friday, the city shared information about the project as well as a diagram of how the project’s interactive “game board” will be laid out.

The mural and artist, Dustin Durham, were selected by the City’s Public Art Committee with grant funding from the Art and Culture Alliance. The city says the mural will help expand the play space of the park along the sidewalk.

 “It was always our goal to include art in Fort Kid Park as a connection with the Knoxville Museum of Art,” said Mayor Indya Kincannon. “This mural is the perfect complement to link these community spaces.”

Much of the mural will be permanent, with the painted game board square colors being influenced by the colors of the adjacent Victorian homes. Removable stickers with prompts, such as “If your birthday is this month, move ahead 2 spaces! If it’s another month, move ahead 1 space,” will be placed on the squares.

The retaining wall sections will also be painted to match the corresponding squares, some of which may also feature removable sticker prompts, such as “What’s your favorite color?” or “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

The mural is scheduled to be completed in late fall, the city said, and Durham plans to include some “community paint” days where the public will be invited to participate in the initial painting process. Announcements about upcoming Community Paint days will be made on the City’s social media accounts.