KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Knox County Schools shared a statement that they were short on bus drivers.

KCS said they are short 35 drivers countywide.

Since school started, KCS said between 1%-2% of its mornings and afternoon runs had bus arrival time that was 15 or more minutes later than scheduled.

“As a reminder, bus drivers are not KCS employees, and the district contracts bus services,” wrote KCS in a statement to WATE. “However, we are working to ensure that every route is covered despite the challenging staffing environment.”

Contractors received a significant raise that went into effect on July 1. KCS added that the district offers bus driver training and allows candidates to obtain a license for driving a school bus within six weeks.

Monroe County also faced a shortage of bus drivers in the district. Sweetwater was short about 30 bus drivers with limited bus routes.