KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knox County Sheriff’s Office K-9 has been placed on bed rest following an off-duty injury.


KCSO shared on Monday that the KCSO K-9 Natan was injured off duty. His handler, Officer Jessye Eldridge, had taken him outside to play. KCSO reported that while Natan was “performing his zoomies” when it seems that he may have stepped on uneven ground.

Captain Ledbetter had Officer Eldridge take Natan to UT Vet Hospital, as it was a Saturday and the vet office that KSCO regularly uses was closed.

While at UT, Natan received great care, and it is believed that Natan has a pinched nerve in his back, according to KCSO PIO Heather Reyda.

Natan is expected to make a full recovery, but for the time being, he is resting at home and on medication to aid in his recovery.

On August 27, KCSO shared on Facebook that Natan was placed on two weeks of strict bed rest to heal from an injury.

Anyone wishing to send Natan a get-well wish is welcome to post it to the original Facebook post or mail it to Knox County Sheriff’s Office 400 Main Street Knoxville, Tennessee 37902 Attn: K-9 “NATAN.”