KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knox County’s Traffic Calming Program is being suspended due to staffing shortages, according to the county’s Engineering & Public Works.

According to the county, the program works to support the livability and vitality of residential and commercial areas. The program has added measures including speed humps, speed tables, raised intersections and traffic circles throughout the county.

To run the program properly, Knox County EPW is looking for a full-time Chief Traffic Engineer. The department has been without a Chief Traffic Engineer since June. An Interim Engineer has been helping with critical, day-to-day operations.

“Traffic calming is an important service we provide,” said Jim Snowden, senior director of Engineering and Public Works. “We’re going to use this time to revamp the program and look for the best person for the job.”

The position’s minimum hourly rate is $40.98. A qualified candidate will need a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or transportation engineering with master’s level coursework in the field. The county added that a master’s degree is strongly preferred.

Applicants also need a current state registration as a Professional Engineer and a valid Tennessee driver’s license. To apply, click here.

The Department of Engineering and Public Works began the traffic calming program in 2000 as a response to requests from neighborhoods where speeding and cut-through traffic were concerns.