KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Egg prices have risen affecting consumers and businesses. The average price for a dozen eggs surpassed $3 for only the second time ever.

Blake Sallie, co-owner of Paysan Bread and Bagels in Knoxville, says they go through about 240 eggs per week. Their bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is their top-selling item, making up about 30% of their weekly sales.

Sallie says eggs are not the only product he has seen on a rise in cost.

“I think I speak for everyone in the restaurant business, we’ve seen the prices of almost everything go up. Even things like bags and gloves, those affect your cost as they go up,” he says.

However, Sallie has found that buying eggs locally has helped to lower the cost for the bakery.

“If you can buy local you can avoid some of these supply chain issues by doing that,” he says. “Right now you can get eggs from the farmer’s market cheaper than you can at Kroger, which didn’t use to be the case but seems to be how things are now.”

Egg prices are expected to decrease, but retail prices take longer to adjust than wholesale prices. This means that it will take time before these lower prices are in grocery stores.