KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A nonprofit that offers mentorship to at-risk youth, reopened the after-school program at their Lonsdale location Monday after being closed since Christmas.

Thrive suffered a pipe burst in their kitchen that made it unusable. The Lonsdale after-school program provides dinner for the kids, making the kitchen an essential part of the facility. To help the continue feeding the kids they serve, Second Presbyterian Church offered the use of their kitchen to Thrive.

Holly Kizer, a grant writer with Thrive, said the meals they provide are the only meals some kids get besides school lunches.

“Thrive really is a second home for a lot of the kids, they spend about four hours every day after school with us and we provide the academic help they need, the social help, and the food is a major component of it as well,” Kizer said.

Tim Reynolds, a pastor at Second Presbyterian, said after hearing about the pipe burst it was a no-brainer to offer their kitchen space.

“We’ve got the space, we’ve got the kitchen, you’ve got a need, it makes total sense for us to offer that space to you while you’re doing repairs on your facility,” Reynolds said.

Anna Davis, kitchen team leader at Thrive, said the pipe burst caused a serious issue for the team.

“It was so devastating. We have loved that building so much, have invested so many years there and so much equipment got ruined. It was just really hard to see, but we were just thankful that Second Presbyterian stepped in and came to our aid,” Davis said.

Thrive’s after-school program offers tutoring, mentorship, dinners and other resources to kids of all ages. Community members have pulled together funds to help Thrive repair their kitchen, but they will use Second Presbyterian’s kitchen until the repairs are completed.