KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Finding a place to live near the University of Tennessee‘s campus has been a struggle for many college students. Some who moved into the Fort Sanders neighborhood not that long ago, are now having to pick up and move again.

Some residents at Society 865 have been moved due to damage in their apartments following the deep freeze in December. Those students moving from hotel to hotel, not knowing what to do, are now getting word they may have to move again.

Promises not being kept and a constant worry about where they might have to go next are just a couple of things some residents are dealing with.

“We were pretty much homeless and they were promising us these accommodations that they just didn’t give,” South College Senior Sydney Cutsinger said. “Finally after my mom called, they were like here’s the confirmation.”

The problems did not stop there for Sydney and her roommates as they spent time at two different hotels. Other students displaced by this are echoing the same thing.

“We were placed at one hotel and then shortly after that maybe three days, we were told that our reservation was no longer there,” UT Junior Ian Drum said. “We had to move, we’ve moved twice now.”

These moves are causing headaches not only for the students but for their parents as well.

“I’ve already been very, very on edge of making some noise about this because of their lack of urgency,” Lori Guthrie said.

Her daughter is one of several students living in a hotel. “They were told back during Christmas break that it would be done in two weeks and here we are, it’s March.”

Not only is this affecting the student’s well-being, but their schoolwork and jobs are also taking a hit.

“It’s been really difficult because I personally have a hard time focusing on things anyways,” South College Senior Alexis Brewer said. “I do my school work in the living room or at the kitchen table because I would not be focusing on anything school related in my room. I’m doing school, living and everything else in this small four-wall room. It’s been hard for me to get things done.”

Her roommate, Sydney, was in the middle of a job interview with Vanderbilt Hospital, and her WiFi cut out because of the hotel. Students also said that they have been notified to leave their current hotel later in the month.

WATE reached out to Society 865 and they said that the issue has been resolved as of now. We also reached out to the hotel and they declined to comment.

A few of the students have been able to move back into their original apartments but others telling us they have no plan on where to go next.