KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A neighborhood in Knoxville got the opportunity to witness a different way to pass out candy during Halloween this year.

The Holmes family passed out candy to kids in the neighborhood off of Buxton Drive. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, this family has been using a “candy chute” to pass candy out in the area.

Shauna and Melany Holmes created a 50-foot green and black-painted PVC pipe that they use to pass candy out to the kids.

10-foot PVC pipe. (Courtesy of Shauna Holmes)

“From humble beginnings, a cute 10-foot PVC pipe delivered candy during the dark times of the COVID pandemic. From those dark times, a hero emerged,” Shauna Holmes wrote to WATE.

The original idea came around the time the COVID-19 pandemic affected the nation and people were required to stand six feet away from each other. The separation didn’t stop the family from finding out ways to still enjoy this spooky holiday.

According to Shauna, the family added more to the pipe to extend its reach. The pipe started at 10 feet and then extended to 40 feet for the following Halloween.

“In the 2022 Halloween season, 50 feet of green and black painted PVC now delivers candy to our neighborhood with hope on the horizon,” Shauna said.

The Holmes family hopes to add another 10 feet, extending the pipe to a 60-foot beacon for the 2023 Halloween season.