KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A fifth-grade Girl Scout from Knoxville has won a national essay contest titled “Girl Scouts to the Moon and Back” earning her a badge that has been to the moon.

Gracie Ogle, a junior-level Girl Scout member of Troop 22040, is one of 81 winners from across the county and the only winner from the state of Tennessee. Ogle will be awarded a Space Science badge that has been to space on NASA’s Artemis I. This mission is NASA’s first step toward the goal of sending the first woman and the first person of color to the moon.

“We are over the moon about Gracie’s success,” said Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians CEO Lynne Fugate. “For more than 110 years, girls have explored, developed and sharpened their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills through Girl Scouting. They lead their own adventures, team up with others and learn valuable skills with hands-on STEM activities.”

Accoridng to Fugate, NASA has been an “enthusiastic partner of Girl Scouts” and has inspired several girls to pursue careers in STEM. Several Girl Scout alums are involved in the Artemis 1 mission including NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy and the first female launch director, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson.

“If I was the first kid to go into space, I would go to the moon and do moon jumps. I would also collect glittery and special moon rocks. I would see what experiments I can do with moon dust, and then I would take a moon buggy ride. I would also start a map of the moon so future explorers could go to the other side of the moon and finish the map.”

Reads an expert from Ogle’s essay.

The Artemis I launched on Wednesday, Nov. 16, with the Girl Scout Space Science badges aboard the Orion capsule. The capsule is still in space and is expected to return to Earth in six to eight weeks to receive its badge. Ogle will have to wait until it returns to receive her badge. For those who want to keep track of Artemis I, NASA has launched a website tracking the mission.

“We think it will be well worth the wait to receive such an out-of-this-world prize!” Fugate said.

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