KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — You may have noticed contractors adding the finishing touches to a new sidewalk on Atlantic Avenue. This project is just one of three major sidewalk projects totaling nearly $6 million in Knoxville. All three projects are part of the city’s initiative to become more walkable and connected.

The new projects in North, West, and South Knoxville, along with the upcoming project in East Knoxville, are a significant step forward in making Knoxville a safer, more connected, and livable city according to the City of Knoxville

“Walkable neighborhoods are important,” Mayor Indya Kincannon said. “Walking routes to schools need to be safe, and families want the option of enjoying a leisurely stroll to their favorite local stores and restaurants.”

Atlantic Avenue

The largest project runs alongside Atlantic Avenue in North Knoxville, spanning 3,000 feet from Broadway to Pershing Street. The contractor, McKinnon Construction Co., is putting the finishing touches on the new sidewalk and utility upgrade this week. The total construction cost was $2.1 million, funded by the State of Tennessee and the City. KUB invested $1.2 million to relocate and improve utilities.

Texas Avenue

This project connects two existing sidewalks in the heart of Lonsdale. Earlier this year, Morgan Contracting constructed 1,300 feet of curb and sidewalk along the east side of Texas Avenue between Western Avenue and Gerald Street. The $1 million investment will also improve drainage along Texas Avenue.

Lancaster Drive

This project will connect residents, South-Doyle Middle students, businesses and the new Baker Creek amenities according to the city. The new sidewalk, being built by Southern Constructors Inc. crews, will be along Lancaster Drive, between Tilson Street and Sevierville Pike, in South Knoxville. It will connect with sidewalks on the pike with the Urban Wilderness and Baker Creek Preserve.

The city expects the sidewalk to be completed this fall. The total cost was $1.5 million with KUB funding about a third of the cost to relocate lines and make utility upgrades.

Burlington Streetscape

Construction is set to begin this winter on a $2 million East Knoxville streetscape project on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in historic Burlington. The project will improve the avenue from Kirkwood Street to Shelby Street and along Prosser Road from MLK Jr. Avenue to Holston Drive. The improvements include replacing crumbling broken sidewalks with wide, smooth, accessible sidewalks; planting street trees; replacing traffic signals and light poles; adding on-street parking; and relocating ugly overhead utility lines.