KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Knoxville man sentenced to life in prison for killing and dismembering his parents had his bid to overturn the convictions rejected.

Joel Guy Jr., is serving consecutive life sentences for the brutal murders of Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy at their West Knox County home during Thanksgiving weekend 2016.

The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals rejected his motion for a new trial, affirming a lower court ruling that the evidence was obtained and introduced appropriately.

Guy’s attorney argued that investigators should not have entered the home without a warrant.

The judges ruled he did not have standing to make that challenge since it wasn’t his house. Even if it was, the judges ruled that the police had reason to enter without a warrant with evidence in plain view and the odor of decomposition emanating from the home.

Judges also supported the move to allow evidence obtained after a search of college apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he attended Louisiana State University.

Authorities searched the residence and found their remains in multiple rooms. Money is believed to have been the motivating factor.