KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The city of Knoxville is seeking the public’s help in finding locations for new electric vehicle charging stations coming to the city.

Throughout the past decade, the city has installed chargers for electric vehicles in parks, event venues, and parking garages. Drivers can access 50 public and private charging stations across Knoxville. Nonprofits like Drive Electric Tennessee and the Knoxville EV Association have worked with the city to make sure drivers’ concerns are heard and work with charging companies to gain private funding for public infrastructure.

The city is currently working to make sure charging is available in all areas of the city. “In addition to lacking adequate charging, many of these areas also face additional barriers that might keep drivers from considering electric vehicles,” a city release states.

To find places that are in need of charging infrastructure, Knoxville’s Office of Sustainability has launched two tools, a public survey and a location suitability map. The data collected from these tools will be used to find where EV chargers should be placed.

The survey is offered in both English and Spanish. It shows the locations of active chargers and allows people to place a ‘pin’ where they’d like to see charging services. To take the survey in English, click here. For Spanish, click here.

The map measures the suitability of EV charging stations by compiling multiple datasets. The city hopes to use the map to find underserved areas and plan future investments. The datasets include population density, housing density, car ownership, traffic, employment density, community points of interest (such as event venues, shopping malls, and community centers), economic factors (such as opportunity zones) and environmental justice factors (such as air quality and health hazards).

The city has worked to decarbonize its transportation sector for many years by providing public infrastructure like EV charges and deploying electric city buses.