KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The City of Knoxville is working to prevent violence by sharing the stories of those impacted by violence.

My Voice, Our Community is a city-wide campaign to empower and inspire voices across Knoxville to take action and raise awareness about the roles we all share when it comes to reducing violence.

One of those individuals is Dan Frye, his father was killed in 1990. It took six years to solve the case. In 1993, Frye helped create the East Tennessee Task Force for Victims’ Rights.

“There seems to be so much violence happening in our society right now. And as a victim of a violent crime that happened 33 years ago, I still feel the impact of that day and I don’t wish that on anyone, it’s a horrible experience. It’s a nightmare that for the first few years it takes so much energy to recover from,” said Frye.

He said there are ways to curb violence in our country like what happened in Nashville.

“We can do better. We can all do better and we all have to work to prevent this stuff from happening,” said Frye. “As long as we keep talking about these things and I feel like there’s hope to find a resolution.”

To listen to Frye’s story and see the other stories shared by the city, including Terry Walker Smith’s story, visit Two of Smith’s sons were murdered and she took that pain to help other mothers who have lost their children to violence.

On the city website, there is also a list of resources for those who have experienced violence and those who want to join the prevention efforts. Also, to see the full interviews, click here.