KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville veteran was gifted a car as a part of a national program working to connect veterans with reliable transportation.

Michael Daigoras is one of 82 veterans who received a vehicle on November 8 from Progressive’s Keys to Progress. Daigoras, who lives in Knoxville, served in the Army. During the ceremony, a spokesperson said one of his greatest achievements was acing the marksmanship qualification, shooting a perfect 40 for 40.

“We’re honored to be a part of getting your vehicle and providing your vehicle that you can get around in. I hope it has a great impact on you and your life and gives you the freedom to you and go where you want to go. So, thank you, Michael and congratulations on your new car,” said Jason with Progressive during the ceremony.

He went on to explain that when he first told Daigoras about the donation, it took a few conversations for him to understand that he was really getting a car.

“Couldn’t believe it. You know, there’s a lot of bad things happened and I was getting a lot of bad news about some stuff and all of a sudden it came out of nowhere. I didn’t, I was doubting Jason for a while, but I was really shocked,” said Daigoras.

This year’s giveaway brings the total donated vehicles to over 1,000. Progressive partnered with Enterprise to donate the cars. Enterprise is also supplying car insurance for the next six months.

“As we enter our 11th year of the Keys to Progress program, it is exciting to celebrate another significant milestone, having now provided over 1,000 vehicles and impacting the lives of so many veterans and their families,” said Tricia Griffith, CEO at Progressive. “At its core, the Keys to Progress vehicle giveaway program is just one way we celebrate our nation’s veterans, and these events are a strong source of pride for everyone who works at Progressive.”

According to Progressive, many veterans live in rural areas with limited affordable transportation options, making reliable transportation essential. This program helps veterans reach medical care, employment centers, and other vital services.