KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — For close to 30 years, Planet Xchange has been a place for name brand, vintage and one-of-a-kind items. Now, the owners say it’s time to expand.

“A clothing by the pound concept,” said owner Beth Boline.

Customers can pack their bags full of clothing, shoes, whatever is on sale and purchase it by the pound. Boline said all the clothes which can be found at Greater Good are sourced from those who donate to Planet Xchange.

The Arizona native said the idea is to live authentically, something that hasn’t always been easy.

“Moving from Arizona was a little bit scary. I got a lot of warning about. Particularly being that I identify as a lesbian and you know I was a little scared at first, a little hesitant,” said Boline.

However, she found something special about East Tennessee: allies.

“One person, one business comes to mind is Yassin’s, they have been very vocal and very clear about their welcoming anybody into their place of business. I want to do that as well,” said Boline.

Boline was born in the 1960s at what is considered the height of the Civil Rights and LGBTQ rights movements.

“It wasn’t always safe to be open but you know I have found again that as long as I’m being authentic, I don’t have to be pushing it in anyone’s face but I should also have the right to if I choose to,” said Boline.

With the rise of anti-LGBTQ laws in the state of Tennessee, Boline said she would like to see more acceptance.

“In my experience in Knoxville, it has been a good experience, I haven’t found a lot of people how have discriminated against me, have had bias against me, but the laws don’t always support me and those are some things I would like to change,” said Boline.

As far as business goes, Boline said all are welcome to both Planet Xchange and Greater Goods.

“I’m really good at sourcing used clothing, that is my super power. So I decided to open a store like this, a clothing by the pound store and share the proceeds with cancer support community of East Tennessee,” said Boline.

Greater Goods is located on Kingston Pike. Boline says right now, there is not hard-set date on when the store will open. She is currently waiting on paperwork to finalize everything.