KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A general manager at Moe’s Southwest Grill on Cumberland Avenue is facing sexual battery charges after a group of female workers including a minor reported him to authorities. It is unclear if he was still employed at the restaurant.

The suspect, Bouya Fall, 44, was arrested on Oct. 18. Court documents indicate Fall is charged with sexual battery, assault by physical contact and sexual battery by an authority figure.

At every Moe’s Southwest Grill location across the country, treating people with the utmost respect and providing a safe, welcoming environment are top priorities. While this location is independently owned and operated, these allegations do not reflect the values of Moe’s and our franchisee community. As this is an employment-related matter, we are unable comment any further.

Statement from Moe’s Southwest Grill

Court documents state that Knoxville Police responded to Moe’s on Cumberland Avenue on Oct. 10 after a caller said she was with three other female employees who wanted to report sexual harassment. A human resources representative with Moe’s was also present. The officer interviewed the victims, who said they had ongoing issues with the general manager, Fall, who allegedly made inappropriate comments and contacted them during their shifts at the restaurant.

The most recent incident was alleged to have occurred on Oct. 8, when one of the workers said Fall told her she smelled nice and asked her what perfume she was wearing before grabbing her wrist and bringing it to his nose to smell. The victim said she had to pull her wrist away from him. Later, Fall allegedly touched her neck and indicated there was something there and implied that it was a hickey and asked her where it came from. The victim also said Fall told her while sweeping the floor that he allegedly got very close to her and told her he would sweep her off her feet and if he did, he would “knock her up.”

Another victim told the KPD officer that on Sept. 30, while she was working her shift during the University of Tennessee football game, she was in the kitchen area with Fall when he walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back to him. She said she was extremely uncomfortable, and that Fall knows that she is a minor. The victim said there were other incidents of unwanted or offensive touching by Fall, who she alleged touched her lower back, hips and thighs as well as her neck and shoulders. She told the officer during her interview that she was embarrassed to share this information initially.

Another victim told the KPD officer that sometime in July, Fall smacked her buttocks while she was in the back prepping food. She said she was initially afraid to come forward because she is an immigrant and didn’t want to not be heard and lose her job. She also said that once all of the other girls came together to report Fall, she felt comfortable reporting the incident.

Another victim told the KPD officer that Fall on several occasions had made inappropriate comments and touched her unnecessarily. She said that while she was working the front line back in June, Fall allegedly pulled her to the back of the kitchen and told her she had something on her buttocks and attempted to grab it. She said she swatted his hand away. She also said he made inappropriate comments about wishing “he could have her.”