KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Motorcyclists participated in a benefit ride for one of their own, 36-year-old Tamara Hensley who died in a motorcycle crash at the intersection of Norris Freeway and Sam Walton Way on May 10.

Stephen Davis organized the Benefit Ride and Raffle, an event where motorcyclists will ride to Cove Lake to honor Hensley.

“We were expecting 25 to 30 people maybe, the amount of support we ended up getting was absolutely amazing,” Davis said.

Davis says over 100 people participated in the event. Riders paid $20 to part of the ride and entered into the raffle. All of the proceeds went to Hensley’s family.

“I think it is great man because it makes me feel good to know that this community genuinely does care,” Davis said.

Bilal Siler participated in the event and was a friend of Hensley.

“I’m pretty sure she is smiling right now and feeling very appreciative,” Siler said.

The benefit ride started at the Walmart on McKamey Road and finished at Cove Lake. Bikers donned pink bandanas and shirts because that was Hensley’s favorite color.

Participants hope it serves as a reminder to drivers to look out for motorcycles.

“Motorcycle safety is important,” Siler said. “A lot of bikes have been fallen, friends and family. It’s very important that motorcycle safety is administered right here in the city.”

“Look twice, save a life,” Davis said. “Watch out for bikes because we are hard to see sometimes.”