KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — East Tennesseans can now see the city of Knoxville in a different way: by a bike bar.

Trolley Pub Knoxville is described as a “pedal-powered portable bar on wheels” that can accommodate groups of up to 14 or seats can be booked individually for mixer tours.

The tour starts at 808 State Street in Knoxville and rides through downtown. According to the company’s website, riders can choose 2-3 stops during their tour at breweries, pubs, and restaurants. The website also states that riders can enjoy their favorite beverages, although no visible alcohol packaging is allowed.

Individual seats start at around $30 per person, although the whole trolley can be booked for $349, and private tours start at $399. At least six peddlers are necessary to power the Trolley Pub. To join a public mixer tour, riders must be at least 21, however, riders as young as 15 are allowed on private tours.

The Mixer Tour Knoxville page has tours listed in the future, including for the weekend of April 22.

To find more information about Trolley Pub Knoxville and the Knoxville Mixer Tours and Knoxville Private Tours, click here.