KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A new Covenant Health program is working to bring hospital-level care to patients inside their homes.

The Covenant Health Advanced Care at Home program combines in-home hospital services, virtual care, and remote monitoring for around-the-clock hospital care that allows the patient to stay in their home. It was designed for patients requiring “high-acuity care” and includes medication management, laboratory services, IV treatments, rehabilitation therapies, oxygen treatments, X-rays, and ultrasound. The goal is to allow patients to continue healing in a comfortable environment.

“So, patients at home, they recover better, their satisfaction is better. They have reduced infections, they have reduced readmissions to the hospital and so their outcomes are actually better,” said John Busigin, Medical Director for Covenant Health’s Advanced Care at Home.

On Tuesday, Aug. 29, Covenant Health held a demonstration of the technology used to make the program possible.

“We partnered with the company called Medically Home that brings this technology to us. That’s what’s driving all this, the availability of this technology and better patient care. So the technology that we bring includes a Wi-Fi router, an iPad, and some other services like a phone, emergency battery. The things that they need to take their vital signs,” said Busigin.

The program has been available at Fort Sanders since March. Tuesday marked the launch of the service at Parkwest Medical Center.

“This is the sort of care that I would want for myself or my family if I was the right patient. It’s not for all patients. This is for patients who are needing hospital-level care and they have maybe a diagnosis like COPD, pneumonia, Cellulitis, maybe skin infections. They’re going to need some IV antibiotics while they’re recuperating and where they going to recuperate best, but in their own home,” said Busigin.

He added that up to 20-30% of patients who traditionally received hospital care in brick-and-mortar facilities could receive it virtually through their program.

Covenant Health added that the program will be especially valuable to patients in rural areas.