KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Tennova Healthcare at Turkey Creek Medical Center and Jersey College recently announced they are collaborating to establish a School of Nursing on campus, serving the greater Knoxville and Knox County area.

The Jersey College Hospital-Based Professional Nursing Program at Tennova Healthcare at Turkey Creek Medical Center will be a six-semester program, culminating in an associate degree in nursing, providing its graduates with opportunities to become a registered nurse.

Jersey College representatives spoke about what this will offer to students in the program.

“It offers the opportunity for our students to work right inside of Tennova throughout their entire two years, really get to know the hospital, get to know the facility and the people, and if they so choose have an opportunity for employment once they’re done with their nursing degree,” said Maggie Jeffers, the Division Director of Hospital-Based Campuses for Jersey College.

With more than 10,000 square feet of classroom and office space, 1,500 square feet in the skills lab, seven classrooms, student study rooms and lounge space, the Knoxville program combines the teaching experience of a college and the clinical expertise of a hospital.

The Director of Clinical Relations for Jersey College spoke about how this can also help the nursing shortage experienced nationwide.

“Nurses have always had a lot of opportunities regarding jobs and job choices, but they’ve also
usually would flock to the hospitals, but after Covid a lot of them have left the hospitals and they really wanted to do something different or not be at bedside anymore,” said Brenda Simpson, adding that the nursing shortage has only gotten worse and exacerbated. “A lot of what we try and do with the nursing students is really get them into the hospital and again build relationships with the folks that are there.”

Inaugural classes begin in May and students can enroll now. To learn more about Jersey College at Tennova Healthcare Turkey Creek Medical Center or begin the enrollment process, visit or call 865-500-3026.