KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A huge housing development project with lots of homes in Powell has been approved by the Knox County Planning Commission on Thursday.

The plan is to turn farmland off West Emory Road into 1,100 homes referred to as the Belltown project. Neighbors in that area have been raising concerns about traffic to the project possibly ruining the scenery.

The master plan shows a multi-generational development boasting multi-family, single-family along with housing for those 55 and over. Josh Sanderson, a developer for Smithbilt Homes and Primos Land Company said that the meeting went exactly as they expected.

“It went as we expected, it’s a big development so there are going to be a lot of opinions and a lot of feedback,” Sanderson said. “The commissioners had a lot of good points and we made the motions and added to motions to address the concerns of the planning commission.”

There were people at the meeting that opposed the approval of this development citing the park is in a floodplain and that the overall walkability is not good.

However, the planning commission agreed with the plan and decided to approve it during the meeting.

There were some conditions that needed to be met. It should also be noted that this development will not be taking any money from the Knox County government and there will be a meeting later to discuss the conditions talked about tonight.